Elemental Team

Jeremy Speck

Colorado Realtor

Owner at Elemental Residential



Melissa Brasen

Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator



Native Real Estate Specialist

We can assist you and your family in finding the perfect property whether it’s a firsttime purchase, an investment property or your dream home.

We work with buyers, sellers and investors for all their real estate needs.

We are familiar with the unique challenges in flipping properties and managing the complex process to buy, build and resell quickly.

Elemental Partner

Our goal is not to just be your choice as real estate broker but ultimately a trusted partner in your family’s future.

We strive to develop real estate investment plans to help increase your quality of life as a supplement to your retirement needs.

By leveraging real estate, we can help produce a higher long term benefit for you and your family.

Elemental Experience

We are dedicated to a firstclass experience as we support your needs.

Whether we are working on an investment property, a luxury home or your first time purchase we aim to make it special.

At Elemental Residential we are dedicated to giving back. With all of our transactions we like to provide our clients the choice of a local charity to give back to from our closing proceeds.


The Denver Hospice

Denver Rescue Mission

Free The Girls

Charity Water

Dumb Friends League

Big Dogs Huge Paws

Back Packs for Kids

The Exodus Road

Susan G. Komen

Breast Cancer

Leukemia & Lympoma


Arthritis Foundation


Children's Hospital